Historically all computer purchase decisions were made by IS departments with little regard for the users.  Computing was centralized and users were seldom consulted in how the process would change their daily methods of operating.

On August 12,1981 IBM released their first Personal Computer, then things became personal.  Within 20 years the Personal Computer stabilized and gained acceptance on the desktop.  Shortly thereafter another phenomenon occurred, users became empowered with social media. Instagram, TicToc, Facebook, Youtube, and X exploded with activity that never before was possible. 

Today's users are using applications and personal devices to help them with their day to day work and lives.  Thanks to user demands for connectivity mobile has become commonplace in everyone's life. 

We continue to listen to our customers and change with the times. Our services have been expanded to include technologies and methodologies to harness the new digital channels. If you are not taking advantage of these new channels your business may not survive in this competitive climate. 

NTM started out as a custom software development house supporting the needs of small business on the IBM Midrange line of computer systems, specifically the AS/400. We support many of our original  clients but are always happy to add new clients to our list of satisfied customers.

We use the latest in techniques and technologies with a unique personal touch that can only be achieved by working together with our customers. We consider ourselves to be "Partners in Your Business". Your success is our success, and when you are satisfied with the end result we believe that we have accomplished our job. We go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with our results and do consider  having us return when you need additional services.

Your data is the lifeblood of your Company. We protect the information system you've chosen as the backbone of your business. Our service commitment extends long after you purchase an NTM solution. Not only will we help you get your system up and running, but we'll provide you with dependable, ongoing technical support. 

Choose from our flexible on site, online or remote support.  We even offer special training to help you proactively prevent technology problems from disrupting your business. Our consultants are on call around the clock to help you solve problems ranging from designing and installing your system, to implementing ways of maximizing it's performance.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to prove that we are a trusted solutions providers. 

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